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5 Years Of Moan Part 1

5 Years Of Moan Part 1

Label: MOAN Recordings

Release date: 27th February 2017

Catalog number: MOANV14

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5 Years Of Moan Part 1

Official websitehttp://www.moanrec.com

Italian House/Tech House/Techno label based in Naples, founded in 2011 by Clausen and Kaschant.

MOAN Recordings bring out a compilation after 5 years of label with a lots of artists feature on the release:

Neverdogs, David Aurel, Di Chiara Brothers, Emanuele Inglese, Joor Ghen, Ninho, Zaccaria Malak, Skizzo, Jay de Lys, Lexlay, Afxs, Alessio Rizzo, Rini Shkembi, Gezim Vrioni, CRS+BRG, Joey Daniel, Artslaves

Neverdogs – Shame (Original Mix)

Joey Daniel, Artslaves – 5 Little Monkeys (Original Mix)

David Aurel – The Poem (Original Mix)


Emanuele Inglese – The Screen (Original Mix)

Joor Ghen – Ohmus (Original Mix)

Ninho – China sunset

Zaccaria Malak – Sweep (Original Mix)

Skizzo – Catch the Wind (Original Mix)

Jay de Lys – No Sleep (Original Mix)

Lexlay – Groove Drums (Original Mix)

Afxs – Musica Electronica (Original Mix)

Alessio Rizzo – Red Light District

Rini Shkembi, Gezim Vrioni – Different Things (Original Mix)

CRS+BRG – Coleo (Original Mix)







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