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Black Turtle Weapons Summer Edition 2017 Vol.2

Black Turtle Weapons Summer Edition 2017 Vol.2

Label: Black Turte Records

Release date: 1st September 2017

Catalog number: BTW002

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Clip & Clap (Original Mix)
Oxy Beat
Some Your Face (Original Mix)
Luis Pergo
Fuerza Contra Cobardes (Original Mix)
Paraphobia (Original Mix)
Kaya Dj
The Brooklyn Times(Original Mix)
Nasser Tawfik
Unconscious (Original Mix)
Oxy Beat
Detonacion(Original Mix)
Angel Black
Nemesis (Original Mix)
Nasser Tawfik
Gravel Rash (Original Mix)
Ivory Coast
Goin Deep (Original Mix)
Richard Les Crees
So Stupid (Original Mix)
Luis Pergo
Dark Promise (Original Mix)
Antonio Ruiz
Relax (Original Mix)
Luis Escribano
Love Exit (Original Mix)
Ivory Coast
I Like Big Tits (Original Mix)
You are Sot (Original Mix)
Sione (SP)
Afternoon Gossips (Original Mix)
Luca L
First in The World (Original Mix)
De Broglie (Original Mix)
Marcos Salas
The Rain (Original Mix)
Alberto Costas
The Interview (Original Mix)
Jonathan Alejandro
Leire (Original Mix)
J Tello
6 AM (Original Mix)
Sione (SP)
Chicago House (Original Mix)
Clever Liboni
Hausito (Original Mix)
Looking Out (Original Mix)
Ender Royers
Ceviche(Original Mix)
Alberto Costas
Groove Jackin (Original Mix)
Malecon (Dani Sinergia Remix)
Guetto (Original Mix)
Oxy Beat
Malecon (Joseph Gaex Remix)
Not You (Original Mix)
Vitrie Vitoli

Black Turtle Weapons Summer Edition 2017 Vol.2

Black Turtle Records introduces Vol. 2 of their summer compilations. Black Turtle Weapons Summer Edition 2017 bringing together his best releases plus two unreleased tracks. You can find national and international artists as Oxy Beat (AR), Luis Pergo(ES), Urin (ES), Kaya DJ (HK), Nasser Tawfik (Es),Ivory Coats (AU), Luis Escribano (ES), Sione(SP) (ES), Luca L (IT), Sugma (BR),  JmNogueras (Es), Angel Black (Ven),Alberto Costas (ES), Richard Les Crees (USA), Jonathan Alejandro (VE), J Tello (ES), Dani Sinergia (ES), Vitrie Vitoli (ES), Joseph Gaex (ES), YeremiV.(VE) , LOW-G (PO), Ender Royers (VE), Antonio Ruiz (ES), Marcos Salas (ES), Clever Liboni (Bra).

Check out : http://www.blackturtlerecords.com



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