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Cari Golden, Reinier Zonneveld – Bending The End (Original Mix) Released By Filth on Acid

Cari Golden, Reinier Zonneveld – Bending The End (Original Mix) Released By Filth on Acid

Label: Filth on Acid

Release date: 15th May 2017

Catalog number: FOA005

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Bending the End(Original Mix)
Bending the End(Original Mix)
Cari Golden, Reiner Zonneveld

Cari Golden, Reinier Zonneveld – Bending The End (Original Mix)

Filth on Acid is excited to welcome Cari Golden for a new collaboration with label honcho Reinier Zonneveld. “Bending The End” is the second track they recorded together and the follow up of the enormous hit “Things We Might Have Said”, which was one of the biggest electronic hits of 2016. It was the longest running #1 in the main Beatport top 100 of a techno track, and with 3 months the longest running top 10 of any genre in the main top 100 – ever. After being selected as track of the week on BBC Radio 1, with its undeniable crossover potential, it even entered charts of commercial radio stations and will feature in a Hollywood series in 2017.

That being said, Cari and Reinier wanted to bring something new to the table and started with a white canvas when composing “Bending The End”, and because of that they ended up taking a totally different direction. This time the track comes in two variations, the melody centred original mix and a dancefloor orientated 4AM mix.

The original mix starts out with a throbbing, deep Moog bassline, and a round, deep bassdrum, while at the same time blending soft, haunting effects and a fragmented, distorted melody. Cari Golden’s voice, deep and beautiful, comes in and sets the mood for a hypnotic slow burner. The bassline initiates a subtle chord progression and delicate production skills elevate the mood of the track. Powerful but stripped back drum programming along with short bursts of white noise bring impact for the dancefloor. A long breakdown starts the orchestra by three of the big classic synths – Oberheim, Moog and Juno – and pave the road for unimpeachable ear candy with Cari’s angel like voice as the centerpoint of the attention. All the elements come together and form an indisputable peak; without building up too obvious. In the vein of bending the end to the beginning again, the track’s outro ends as it started: deep and delicate.

The second version in the package – 4AM Mix – has a definite peaktime feel to it. Powerful driving drums and a heavy bed of sub bass kick lead the way to the introduction of looped elements of Cari’s voice. Colossal, bassy stabs hint to original in a disrobed way. Long synth notes lying somewhere between bass and melody introduce the harmonies of the original during the breakdowns and translate it to demanding dancefloors in a profound way.



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