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Gaston Zani – Boiling (The YellowHeads Remix) Out on Addeepted

Gaston Zani – Boiling (The YellowHeads Remix) Out on Addeepted

Label: Addeepted+

Release date: 28th June 2017

Catalog number: ADP002

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Boiling (Original Mix)
Gaston Zani
Boiling ( The YellowHeads Remix)
Boiling ( The YellowHeads Remix)
Gastav Zani

Gaston Zani – Boiling (The YellowHeads Remix)

Argentinian’s fastest rising name in techno makes his debut to his own imprint Addeepted+ with this blistering new track, ‘Boiling’. Featuring a distinctive vocal sample crescending over a typically thumping baseline. One beatless breakdown increase the pressure whilst a new synth line is introduced, making for a powerful ending as all the elements join together. On remix duty we have the prolific couple The YellowHeads rattling hi-hats and a trademark tension-filled breakdown with dusty textures over a rumbling baseline. We are sure these two tracks will be hammering dance floors worldwide before the summer starts. http://www.addeeptedmusic.com



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