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Harry Romero – Retroversy (Original Mix) Released By Circus Recordings

Harry Romero – Retroversy (Original Mix) Released By Circus Recordings

Label: Circus Recordings

Release date: 12th June 2017

Catalog number: CIRCUS076

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Retroversy(Original Mix)
Retroversy(Original Mix)
Harry Romero

Harry Romero – Retroversy (Original Mix)

Harry Romero – Retroversy -We could list the endless achievements Harry Romero has achieved, Top 20 hits, music used in current major hollywood movies, releases on the worlds best labels, for 2 decades, AND he made Cro Magnon too, a record that has stayed on the boxes of the most discerning djs for almost 20 years…

Harry as they say needs no introduction, he is the best beat maker in the business, the don’s don.

A 3rd release on Circus Recordings, 3 tracks that encompass the width of Harry’s skills, from the floor wrecking SAY YEAH, to the curious CHROMIUM to the playful nod to the purple RETROVERSY.

Official Websitehttp://www.circusrecordings.com




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