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Marcos Salas & Funk Deep – Los Continentes EP Out now on Black Turtle Records

Marcos Salas & Funk Deep – Los Continentes EP Out now on Black Turtle Records

Label: Black Turtle Records

Release date: 4th December 2017

Catalog number: BTR146

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Ejercito (Original Mix)
Ejercito (Original Mix)
Marcos Salas & Funk Deep
El Viso (Original Mix)
El Viso (Original Mix)
Marcos Salas

Marcos Salas & Funk Deep – Los Continentes EP


Born in the world’s largest city Uriel Ponce Garcia & Pedro Soto Garcia, better known as Funk Deep. DJ’s Mexicans who started their musical career in 2015 beginning to play in local festivals where they immediately began to show good technical skills and especially good taste in the selection and mixing of their songs, that is where the restlessness of Make their own music and pop the Dance Floor with their own sounds, in this way begins to venture into the world of production and already with a broader knowledge in the management of software completely self-taught in April 2017 launches its first single called; “Rubik” under the name of “Funk Deep” achieving greater popularity by the always fresh and innovative rhythm of their tracks that took them to play & Show your talent at area events. In 2016 enter the company MADNESS LABEL that stands out for organizing mass events in the south of the city Of Mexico in which it emphasizes “XOCHITEK” since it was a multicultural event and gratuitous in which its primordial end Was to make the youth aware of the danger of drugs and especially to spread the electronic music culture, in our country bringing together more than 2000 people in the main esplanade of Deportivo Xochimilco! Currently they are working on their First EP as well as on several projects that involve the collaboration of several artists from different countries and the audio in real time to explode all the senses of those who witness their Live Act.

Marcos Menéndez Díaz Dj and producer of Tech & Tech House under the pseudonym ‘Marcos Salas’, currently resides in Salas (Asturias). With his 18 years of age he has references in Labels like Maintain Replay Record, Drum Tech Records, Big Mama’s House Records, UDTW Records, Sandy Records among others, blunt sounds full of groove. As Marcos Salas says “I am very young to have biography”, so we will discover the projection of this Asturian producer.



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