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Rick Wade – Sugar Shack(Original Mix)[Static Music]

Rick Wade – Sugar Shack(Original Mix)[Static Music]

Label: Static Music

Release date: 3th March 2017

Catalog number: AM167106

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Sugar Shack(Original Mix)
Sugar Shack(Original Mix)
Rick Wade

Rick Wade – Sugar Shack

Official label websitehttp://www.static-music.co.uk

One of the most latest releases on Static Music Record Label, based in the UK. Rick Wade’s latest smooth house track, ‘Sugar Shack’. Rick Wade has been producing smooth deep house tracks since the 90s and ‘Sugar Shack’ is no different. It’s a late night tune, tapping into the essence of deepness with its lazily idling harmony and a string melody that would be as at home in a cocktail bar as it would be played at 3am in a club.



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