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Sebastien Leger – Umbrella (Original Mix)[SUDBEAT MUSIC]

Sebastien Leger – Umbrella (Original Mix)[SUDBEAT MUSIC]


Release date: 30th January 2017

Catalog number: SB106

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Umbrella(Original Mix)
Umbrella(Original Mix)
Sebastian Leger

Sebastien Leger – Umbrella (Original Mix)

Some artists reputation proceed them, and Sébastien Léger is one of those who belong to that highly regarded few. The French DJ and producer lists Daft Punk, Michael jackson and early Chicago house music to Laurent Garnier as his influences. And somehow this all pours out in his emotive music.

‘Love Star’ is a super cool slab of epicness! A percussive grooved subtle building gem, teasing gently with tinkling arps and washes of warm pads, that are beautifully layered, while clever delays add depth, whist the warmth just keeps on landing. Sophisticated piano keys and cool 80’s bassy edged squelchy hits, create a magical musical soundscape of goodness.

‘Umbrella’ shows of Seb’s deep side, as intricate tripped out melodies sprinkle effortlessly over this swaggering deep basslined gem. A wobbly top line slides in adding heat, as this playful number bounces along nicely! Pads glide in an out and then an analog synth line guides us cooly along the happy path of sunshine.



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