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Sid Vaga – Get Up Daddy EP Out now on Deeplomatic Recordings

Sid Vaga – Get Up Daddy EP Out now on Deeplomatic Recordings

Label: Deeplomatic Recordings

Release date: 20th December 2017

Catalog number: DPL083

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Get Up Daddy (Original Mix)
Get Up Daddy (Original Mix)
Sid Vaga
Get Up Daddy ( Dj W!ld Remix)
Get Up Daddy ( Dj W!ld Remix)
Sid Vaga

Sid Vaga – Get Up Daddy EP 

Sid Vaga is a music lover and DJ who started playing in Paris in 1999. Since then, he’s played in countless clubs, loft space, hotels and afterhours in New York, Berlin, Paris, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Barcelona. For the past 15 years Sid has played along many renown DJ’s and friends like Roy Davis JR, Peter Kruder, Funk D’Void, Oscar Barila just to name a few.

Sid has released original tracks and remixes on Wonderwheel Recordings, 3Bridges, Cha-Cha Project Recordings and Slaag US and Deeplomatic Recordings.

Sid’s music and his contagious positive vibe together with his skillful mixes made him the resident DJ for Roland’s 6 Degrees parties since 2003, as well as his immediate pick as the resident DJ and booker for Spiegelworld’s RainDance at Pier 17 for two consecutive years, special guest DJ for the “Gold & Glitter Party”, “Desire” and “Paradise” 2011, with guests like Eddie Elias, Lee Cabrera and Reda Briki.

The remix comes from DJ W!LD an artist that needs little presentation: Deep, dark, acid, sexy house music has always been closest to the heart of DJ W!LD. For many, the recent rise of DJ W!LD was the Circo Loco residency, the WMC and Sonar debuts, the joining of Cocoon’s world-renowned roster. To those in the know, the accolades are simply long- overdue recognition for one of France’s long-serving underground house heroes.

The EP “Get Up Daddy” is a mix of afro brazilian house music combined with classic house synths with a feminine touch. The EP will be available in all digital stores on the 20th of December.

Sid Vaga – “Get Up Daddy” Tracklist:
1. Sid Vaga – Get Up Daddy (Original Mix)

2. Sid Vaga – Get Up Daddy (DJ W!LD Remix)

Release date: 20/12/2017
Genre: House

Label: Deeplomatic Recordings

Website: www.deeplomatic.com

                            SID VAGA                                                                                          DJ W!ld



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