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Tomy Wahl – Flying Away – Released By Static Music

Tomy Wahl – Flying Away – Released By Static Music

Label: Static Music

Release date: 7th July 2017

Catalog number: BLV3760923

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Flying Away (Original Mix)
Flying Away (Original Mix)
Tomy Wahl

Tomy Wahl – Flying Away

Tomy Wahl has become one of the most versatile producers of the Argentinean electronic music scene. Binding together elements of techno and house to create his distinct sound, Tomy creates the greatest floor friendly, energetic tracks perfect for dancing.

Wahl’s new release on Static Music, ‘Flying Away’, is exactly that, with a techno beat and a house sample, Wahl combines his funk influences with his love of dance music and the result has you feeling like you’re flying away.

Check Out :  http://www.static-music.co.uk



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